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Excellence in Police K9 Training

At JAB K9, we wholeheartedly embrace our commitment to excellence in Police K9 training and proudly stand alongside law enforcement agencies. With over a decade of expertise in dog training, John Abousleiman (J. AB) has dedicated the past four years exclusively to working with law enforcement and military dogs. His profound love for dogs and unwavering respect for those who serve in law enforcement and the military drive our mission.

John's journey in the world of police and military K9 began in Alabama, where he had the privilege of working for a highly respected and successful company. During this time, he collaborated closely with law enforcement agencies from all corners of the country, from Washington to Florida.

As the head trainer for the dual dog program at Alabama K9, John focused his efforts on transforming green dogs into highly skilled K9 partners. His extensive experience includes:

  • Scent Detection: Utilizing a systematic method to streamline searches, reducing time and elevating success rates in odor detection. We employ a third-party primary reward system to keep dogs honest and focused on the search area. Our experience includes imprinting odors of narcotics, explosives, cadavers, electronics, and arson, making K9s invaluable assets in critical scenarios.

  • Bite Work and Hunt Drive: A strong emphasis on bite work and hunt development ensures their ability to apprehend suspects effectively and with precision. Extensive experience in muzzle work and teaching dogs to identify and apprehend subjects using their innate hunting instincts.

  • Tracking: Tracking across various terrains, including mile-long, hour-old tracks. We employ different methods according to a dog's needs, and our experience in starting young dogs on tracking has proven successful time after time in real-world deployments and apprehensions.

  • Advanced and Tactical Obedience: Our K9s exhibit advanced obedience skills crucial for maintaining control in complex operational scenarios, ensuring the safety of the dog, handler, backup officers, and innocent bystanders. We are well-versed in advanced tactics, including send-outs to targets, laser pinpoint targeting, deep independent soft clearing, and team strategies when deploying K9 units.

John's expertise extends beyond traditional law enforcement. We take immense pride in having trained numerous full-time SWAT dogs and special forces military K9s.

Our Mission: To empower law enforcement agencies by maximizing the potential of their K9 teams. We accomplish this through our seminars, where we share our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with departments, officers, and K9 handlers.

Departments We've Worked With


  • King County

  • Auburn PD

  • Seattle PD

  • Spokane Pd

  • Redmond PD

Federal Services

  • US Marshals

  • Federal Forest Services

  • Special Forces Groups (Army)

  • International Special Forces


  • Idaho Falls PD

  • Post Falls PD

  • Twin Falls PD

  • Jefferson County

  • Bouniville County

  • Kootenai County


  • Whiteland Pd


  • State Troopers

  • Saline


  • Ferguson


  • Bristol


  • Nashville (Tsa)

South Carolina

  • State Troopers


  • State Troopers

  • Coweta County

  • Walton County

  • Fayette County

  • Fulton County

  • South Fulton PD

  • Rincon PD

  • Atlanta PD

  • Senior PD

  • Muskogee County

  • Cherokee County

  • Monroe County

  • Monroe PD


  • Tuscaloosa county

  • Tuscaloosa PD

  • Montgomery County

  • Montgomery PD

  • Sheffield County

  • Birmingham PD

  • Bessemer PD

  • Shelby County

  • Thomasville PD

  • Summerdale PD

  • Sumter County

  • Houston County

  • Wilcox County

  • Opelika PD

  • Demopolis PD

  • Lee County

  • University of Alabama PD


  • Meridian PD


  • Crestview PD

  • Niceville PD

  • Fort Pierce PD


  • Lafayette PD

  • Shreve Port

  • Jefferson Perish

  • Slidell PD

  • Gretna PD


  • Ontario Provincial Police

  • Edmonton

  • Vancouver

  • RCMP