Police K9 Training Services

  • At JAB K9, we offer a range of specialized training services designed to ensure that your police K9s are prepared for any situation. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the thoroughness of our programs:

    Maintenance Training: Ongoing, rigorous training to keep your police K9s sharp, responsive, and ready for their crucial duties.

    Green Dog Selection Assistance: Expert guidance in selecting and training new police K9.

    Seminars and Workshops: Our educational events cover various aspects of police K9 training, including:

    • Muzzle Fighting: Basic and advanced techniques for controlled engagement.

    • Tracking: Advanced tracking skills to locate suspects or missing persons.

    • Advanced and Tactical Obedience: Specialized obedience training for complex, high-pressure scenarios.

    • Decoy/Agitation Work: Training for decoy personnel to help build and train stronger K9.

    • Advanced K9 Tactical Scenarios: Realistic training scenarios for readiness in high-pressure situations.

About JAB K9:

A Dedication to Excellence

Since 2019, John Abousleiman, the founder of JAB K9, has channeled his extensive career in dog training towards the world of law enforcement. From single-purpose narcotics and bomb detection dogs to dual-purpose patrol, SWAT, and special forces K9s, his passion lies in working closely with law enforcement teams. His mission is to impart knowledge and expertise, ensuring that handlers and their K9 partners are not only safe but also exceptionally successful in their vital roles, safeguarding our communities and our nation.