K9 Services

Maintenance Training for Police K9 Units

The key to a successful Police K9 unit goes beyond initial training. Our Maintenance Training services are meticulously crafted to ensure your team's ongoing success in real-world situations. From addressing unexpected training challenges to advancing skills, our goal is to maintain a high level of training that guarantees safety and success for both K9s and their dedicated handlers.

Green Dog Selection Services for Law Enforcement

Leveraging our extensive experience in testing, handling, and training thousands of green working dogs, we understand the unique challenges of selecting the right dog for your department. Our expertise ensures your department acquires the perfect canine partner for the job, laying the foundation for a robust and highly effective K9 unit.

Seminars and Workshops for Police K9 Training

At JAB K9, our commitment is to share over a decade of knowledge and experience. Our seminars and workshops are meticulously designed to offer the most up-to-date and practical training methods and behaviors. Whether you're a handler, instructor, or trainer, our objective is to equip you with the information necessary to advance your training and bolster your confidence in both real-world scenarios and training exercises.

We cover a wide array of critical topics, ensuring you are fully prepared for the most challenging situations. Our seminars include:

  • Muzzle Fighting: Master essential techniques for controlled engagement.

  • Tracking: Excel in advanced tracking skills to locate suspects or missing persons.

  • Obedience: From basic to advanced and tactical obedience, we provide comprehensive training solutions.

  • Agitation and Decoy Work: Gain hands-on experience and training for effective decoy work.

  • Advanced Real-World Scenarios: Prepare yourself and your K9 team for the unpredictable challenges of the field.

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