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At Top Priority Pets and JAB K9, our passion for dogs meets professionalism in the world of pets and working canines. With over a decade of expertise, we're dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your canine companions, whether they're cherished family members or dedicated partners on the street.

We recognize that every dog is unique, and our approach is customized to meet each individual's specific needs. Through our unwavering commitment to learning and our deep-rooted passion for teaching, we empower both dogs and their owners to thrive.

About The Trainer

John Abousleiman (J.AB) Owner/Lead Trainer

From a young age, John Abousleiman's life has been intertwined with dogs. His journey began by bringing home stray dogs, discovering an innate love for these loyal companions that would shape his life's path.

Determined to turn his passion into a career, John embarked on an educational journey at the prestigious Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. But his thirst for knowledge and the desire to deepen his understanding of dog behavior and psychology didn't end there. Throughout the years, John seized every opportunity to collaborate and learn from distinguished trainers worldwide.

What sets John apart is not only his love for dog training but also his passion for learning and teaching. His expertise has continued to grow, and he takes immense pride in his ability to empower others to achieve their goals with their canine companions. For John, the journey in the world of dogs is not just a career; it's a lifelong calling, one he cherishes every day.

Education and Experience

Elevating canine training to an art form with certifications from Tom Rose School, real-world apprenticeships, and years of experience. Specializing in PSA decoy work and dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of modern training techniques.

  • Professional Training Credentials: Certified Professional Trainer and Master Trainer, awarded by the prestigious Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers.

  • Hands-On Apprenticeship: Gained invaluable practical experience during an apprenticeship at The Dog House Inc., honing skills in real-world dog training techniques.

  • Texas Kennel Expertise: Contributed to a Texas-based retriever kennel, further enriching knowledge in canine care and training.

  • Dynamic K9 Leadership: Held the role of Owner and Head Trainer at Dynamic K9 from 2014 to 2019, spearheading a successful canine training enterprise.

  • Educator at Alabama K9: Functioned as Head Trainer, Teacher, and Instructor at Alabama K9, sharing extensive knowledge and expertise while training hundreds of police K9 units.

  • Specialized in PSA Decoy Work: Certified PSA Decoy, demonstrating proficiency in protection sports training for working dogs.

  • Commitment to Ongoing Learning: Actively participate in yearly seminars, training days, working dog clubs, and conferences, ensuring up-to-date knowledge in modern training techniques and methodologies.

  • Nurturing Canine Lives: Raised and cared for numerous puppies and dogs, shaping them into disciplined, highly skilled companions.


Shadow, a beloved black Labrador, left an indelible mark on the heart of his owner, John. His life was a journey of companionship, learning, and countless cherished memories.

Shadow's favorite pastime included swimming, playing ball, and indulging in endless belly and butt scratches.

His friendly nature made him a well-traveled dog, effortlessly making friends with everyone he met.

Perhaps the most cherished memories were the long drives across the country, with Shadow resting his head on John's lap as they journeyed from New Jersey to Texas and back. These moments encapsulated the deep bond they shared. Shadow's memory lives on in John's training, a reminder of the profound love and partnership between dogs and humans.


Teya, an exceptional 11-year-old Belgian Malinois. In her prime, Teya was a force to be reckoned with, effortlessly clearing 6-foot fences, playing fetch for hours at a time, and showcasing her flashy obedience skills. Her desire to do bite work was at the top of the list of things she loved to do.

Teya's life wasn't just about competition. She cherished those long drives across the country, riding shotgun beside her favorite person, John.

Now, in her well-deserved retirement, Teya spends her days chasing bunnies in the backyard and playing ball.


Kyra, a remarkable 10-year-old Pitbull with a heart as big as Texas, where her journey began. Rescued at just 8 weeks old Kyra's life has been a testament to the loving and gentle nature that often defines her misunderstood breed.

From the start, Kyra earned endearing nicknames, affectionately known as "pup" and "piglet".

Growing up, Kyra and Shadow were inseparable. Kyra's unique gift emerged as she demonstrated an uncanny ability to teach other dogs good manners, all while displaying remarkable gentleness with young puppies.

Kyra's favorite pastimes include strolling through the woods on leisurely walks, and, of course, taking up the entire bed when she sleeps.

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